Satellite Beach Recreation COVID-19 UPDATE

Thank you for your patience as we continue to  navigate these unchartered waters, while keeping the best interests & safety of our participants and staff a priority. All programs adhere to current CDC, City of Satellite Beach and state recreation association guidelines regarding social distancing, face masks, gathering size and temperature checks. Facility       restrooms, equipment used by programs and common touch surfaces are cleaned often.

●Please note as we continue to adapt to changes in COVID-19 guidelines, that all programs and registration availability may change. Programs may be required to alter their procedures to accommodate new guidelines as they arise.

●Once programs are full, it is important that you are placed on a waiting list. If group sizes can increase, some programs will be allowed to add students. The first to be allowed to register will be those on the waiting list.

●Parents may enter the DRS Community Center to drop off their children for class. Currently, there is no waiting area inside while your child is in class. We ask parents to avoid lingering in the building. We apologize for any inconvenience.

●We are excited to be able to offer several new  recreational programs. It is our hope that some  programs unable to resume, may be able to do so soon. Please bear with us as we continue to strive to offer the Satellite Beach community recreational opportunities for all ages in a safe, fun & engaging manner.



Program refunds must be requested at least five full business days prior to the start of the class, unless otherwise noted. If you notify the Recreation Department later than five full business days, but before the first day of class, you may receive a partial refund. No refunds will be issued the day of or after the class has begun. 

WAITING LIST PROCEDURE Waiting lists do not guarantee you will get a spot in an activity. You will receive a call ONLY if space becomes available. Placement on a recreation waiting list:
~Provides us a name and phone number in the event of a cancellation, or if a new class is added. 
~Does not limit you from registering for other open classes or activities. 

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